• Exclusive Agency for Suttons International who is a specializing in the global transportation of bulk liquids and gases intermodal tank containers. Strategically placed offices throughout the world, supported by a proven network of agents, enable the company to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requirements.
  • A strong focus on safety, Health and Environmental issues has been a fundamental requirement in the development of our world-wide operations.
  • Highly trained and professional people, supported by“state of art” Management systems to provided with safe, high quality and cost effective services.

Suttons Transport Group


Our products and services include

Welcome to Suttons, an exceptional and successful privately owned company, built on consistently delivering high quality, cost effective logistics services to our customers. We are a leading global logistics provider, specialising in the safe bulk movement of chemicals, gases, fuels and food.


Suttons International serves the chemical, petrochemical and gases sectors. Suttons isseen as a pioneer in the ISO tank container sector, having been an owner operator of ISO tank containers for over forty years.

Supporting our commitment is our credentials. We are accredited to international standards through our adherence to CDI-mpc, SQAS and ISO 9001-2000.

We were also one of the first intermodallogistics companies to sign up to the Responsible Care® commitment, which is the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve health and environmental performance, enhance security and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes.


The majority of our tank containers are manufactured from stainless steel making them suitable for the carriage of food gradeproducts, non-hazardous chemicals and a large majority of hazardous products. Our fleet includes lined, heated, refrigerated and baffled containers ranging in capacity from 16,000ltr to 35,000ltr.

Bulk tank container transport

In addition to contract and fleet management services, Suttons operates an international bulk transport division operating out of the world major logistics hubs

Diverse fleet

Our highly diversified fleet is what sets us apart from our competition. In addition to general purpose tank containers, our fleet includes a range of equipment that enables us to safely and securely transport an extensive range of highly sensitive products

Our fleet includes

Lined containers
For the transport of highly corrosive and high purity products. The tanks are available with a variety of linings including PTFE, phenolic resin, and rubber together with various valve configurations
Baffled containers
We own and operate one of the largest baffle tanks fleets in the world ranging in capacity from 20,000ltr to 35,000ltr. The tanks are designed for high specific gravity products to be transported below the 80% minimal filling level with baffles providing stability during transit
Heated containers
Heated containers fitted with either electrical or steam heating systems. Our heating systems are frequently checked and tested to ensure absolute product integrity
Refrigerated containers
Refrigerated containers feature cooling systems for temperature sensitive loads. Tanks are fitted with data loggers and track and trace equipment to ensure product is monitored at all times
Bespoke containers
Design and build tanks to suit specific products. This includes heating/cooling systems, discharge equipment, linings and product monitoring software and hardware


Suttons Asia is headquartered in Singapore with offices in China, Japan and Malaysia, strategically located close to chemicalmanufacturing zones.

Suttons Asia offers a large range of logistics services including the import and export of bulk liquids and gases, freight forwarding and contract fleet management services for customer-owned tanks and dry box containers. We also provide supply chain management for bespoke logistics solutions tailored to clients supply chain requirements.

To support our fleet of tank containers in China and Asia Pacific region, we have atank container maintenance, storage and cleaning facility situated on an 8,000 sq m site in Jinshan, close to the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park.

Shanghai based trucking operation, for domestic transport in accordance with Suttons Responsible Care commitment
Tank container cleaning, repair and testing facilities in China and the UK
Shanghai tank container and road tanker maintenance, testing, cleaning, storage and repair facility
USA domestic transport licence enabling Suttons to manage domestic transport on behalf of Suttons USA customers
31 road tanker operations centres around the UK – The UK’s largest chemical shared user road tanker network
Automated drumming facility in the UK that can be applied anywhere in the world using our extensive experience to provide safe reliable packaging solutions
Bespoke warehousing services anywhere in the world tailored to our customers requirements
Saudi Arabia domestic transport operation with European standards of equipment and UK trained team of drivers
International network of logistics and supply chain professionals based in every major logistics hub across the world


Since Suttons began trading in the 1920’s, our brand has always been associated with trust, integrity and quality of service. Our employees understand that the quality of service we promise distinguishes us from other operators.

  • We will save you money
  • We will make your supply chain more efficient
  • We will make your supply chain more resilient
  • We will improve your SHEQ performance
  • We will give you a competitive advantage